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Praise ALLAH and Honors to his Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Greetings in Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. I am Sheik Bro. Justice William Bey and I would like to discuss this website and its purpose. While I personally am not the sole developer, I am the head developer. Everyone else involved with its development is also Asiatic Moslem. I developed a passion for web development back when the Internet first appeared to me. I was 13 and the year was.... well, let's just say it was a long time ago. Connectivity was of course Dialup and the modem was a box you placed the headset of your telephone into. This was before you could simply place your phone cord into the back of your PC. I was at my cousin's house (the Famous Ex-Hacker "Max Nomad") playing with his younger brother (my Age and happens to be an Actor now ~Jarvis George) and I remember seeing him fussing at what I thought was a TV. He was like 17 at the time. Jarvis and I were playing with Star Wars figures (He just got the Millennium Falcon) and I asked Johnny "Max" what he was doing. He was typing frantically and was so engaged. He told me he was talking to a friend in Japan. They were playing a game together. I said right now? He was like yes now go away. This was the first time I realized the power of the internet.

Years later I started using online social platforms like AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, etc. I fell in love with the ability to create your own backgrounds (wallpapers) using coding. I began learning all I could about coding with regard to these platforms. Then I got into entrepreneurship. As an Asiatic in small business, I had to really set myself apart from my competition just to be able to get in the door. Once in the door, it was easy to sell myself. I love what I do and I am diligent with staying ahead of the curve in technology and practices. My issue was that I didn't have the financial resources to have a really nice web presence so I learned how to make websites. The more businesses I ventured into, the more websites I needed. Once I knew how to build them and create excellent SEO values, I kept doing it and began doing it for others. There was another business born. One of the web directories I created quickly became the world's TOP RANKED Online Directory for "Black" or "African-American" owned businesses. What that means is that anytime someone searched Google, Bing, Ask, etc., for a Black or African American Owned whatever wherever, our site came up on the first page as the top result so any businesses listed in our directory experienced the reward for being top ranked. Businesses blew up overnight especially back when our people were being displayed on the media murdered by police and other Caucasians. Mike Brown, Travon Martin, Sandra Bland, the list goes on. Once that became big media, our people started supporting our own in business throughout America in cooperative economics. There was a huge spike in revenues as well as a huge growth in entrepreneurship among our people. The Website was called First Black America. The domain still exists.


Then I declared and proclaimed my Nationality. It was difficult for me to still call our people Black and African American as I knew what those terms meant in Law and Status. So I redeveloped the site to include disclaimers with regard to the use of the words Black and African American. However, I made sure to let visitors know our people are not Black, Colored, African American, Negro, etc., as these names delude to slavery. Now that website is them Worlds TOP RANKED site for searches related to Asiatic, Moorish-American, or Moorish Owned.

So now that you know a little about my web development background, I would like to discuss www.Moorish-American.com. This website first and foremost, is for all Asiatics Peoples. Muslims, Moslems, and our people that identify as the "So-Called" Black or African American peoples. Asiatics are any people of the earth that are not Caucasain. This includes Arabs, Indians (from India), Peoples from the continent now known as Africa, So-Called Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, etc. The main purpose is to get our people off of Facebook. Facebook really is a corrupt entity that makes it success off stealing and selling your data. Your demographic as it pertains to what you talk about, search for, say on messenger audio and textual, and much more. This information is used for major private sectors to scrutinize and drill down; creating plans for our futures to keep us mentally enslaved, arguing, and separated. The question was, how can we entice our people to stop using FB or at least try our site. The answer was simple. PAY THEM!

Not only is Moorish-American.com a Social Media Site just like Facebook. It actually pays its members to use it. How you ask? Great question because I mean.... Who does that? We do. We pay our members to Like, Comment, Share, Post, and to refer others to create free accounts and use the site. This drives membership up and user participation. The more you use the site the more you earn. How are we able to pay our members? We solicit advertising from Asiatic (So-Called Black) Owned Businesses and that money is divided up and dispersed to the members. Advertising on Moorish-American.com is great because all the members are like minded in that we strive to support our own people in businesses whenever and wherever we can. In 2019, over


60% of Business Financial Transaction are done online. So selling and buying online is the future. Where better to place your ads than on a website that has millions of online views daily? The surplus of revenue that comes in form the network is utilized by us to create and support community organizations tasked with uplifting fallen humanity.

I trust that you enjoyed this read and have a better understanding on this site and its purpose. Feel free to comment with any questions, suggestions, etc.

Peace Love,

Sheik Bro. Justice William Bey

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