Moorish American Loyalty

A discussion of Respect, The Self Law Of I, Latin O, and Kongfu history

Saturday/Saturnday/School Masterday
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Moorish American Loyalty

How wonderful the feeling to be able to point at one’s own roots, history, and culture. How wonderful to be able to see over the land, American, and know that Moor people were always here.

What, who is the source of all Moorish Americans knowing such? Seems to trace to a man of not giant stature, but wielding a giant brain so large that it still touches all of us. The man I speak of we all know. He is Noble Drew Ali, who gave us the fifth element to be recognized as Human in Law. That element is religion, which gives one Religious Rights and Protections, enables one to acquire funds to help improve living and learning conditions for others.

What are the other four elements? I will list them, but if you don’t know, you must ask yourself, Is the one teaching you, or who taught you, or the one you just listened to and trusted teaching from Noble Drew Ali? If not, maybe that’s why you don’t know the five elements of being Human in Law. The Five Elements are Nationality, Free National Name, Land, Flag, and Religion.

Religions have laws, guidelines, and standards, including Social Mores. One without defined Social Mores is a mystery to others, one to watch, maybe even to fear, because the workings of her/his mind is known to others. The Social Mores of Moorish Americans begins with Love Truth Peace Freedom And Justice and we, Moors, build upon those Mores. Noble Drew Ali taught us that.

I’m an EL, but I was raised in Bey ways as a Kongfu warrior. My family takes Kongfu very seriously. I suggest to you, reader, that what you read next you take as foundational knowledge of Shaolin Kongfu and its founder.

Our Kongfu roots come from Da Moor, Founder of Shaolin Temple and 18 Moor-Hand Kongfu, in which I learned that The Golden Rule Of Kongfu is I, the exact same as The Self Law Of I. My Tsifu [Teacher] opened a book, English to Latin Dictionary, and pointed to the fact that English I is the same as Latin O.

For those, who don’t know, Latin is an ancient Moor language. The quick point on that is that Christian sources relate that the first people to speak Latin were a Mountain dwelling people, which is the first clue that those people were Moors, as Moors are characteristically and traditionally the mountain-dwelling people. If anyone was in the mountains, they were Moors, as the stories of the world go. The second clue that those people were Moors is that Christian sources relate that they don’t know who those people were, or anything about them.

Kongfu, we write, not Kung fu. Before I give you history, I want to give you sound. Say, Kung.

Now say, Kong.

Which makes you feel stronger? Kung goes inward, like you just got hit. Kong is an outward projection, like an attack. If you take a mallet and strike a gong, it sounds back, Kong, not kung. One says Kong in order to feel power expel from the body. Say it from the gut, Kong.

So I and O are the same. One is a straight line. One theory of what the straight line is, that the straight line is finite, because it has beginning and end points. The second theory is a concept of visual representation that the line, in both directions, continues to infinity. In either case, O definitely has no beginning, or end and represents 360˚, completeness. If one can see one’s self as a circle, always continuing, never ending, then one prepares with one’s time to improve, as the improvements are forever.

In Moorish society, each Moor is expected to continuously be working to improve some aspect of life. In Kongfu, each warrior disciple must improve all the way to graduation, or one may get kicked out.

Moorish society is a war society. We all come from warring peoples. If not, we would be the dead and others would be here. In Moorish society, all war societies, including Shaolin Temple, the foundation of all behavior is Respect, called The First Pillar, in Da Moor Shaolin. The highest attributes are reflected in this Moorish war creed: “Honor Above All Else Except Loyalty.”

Our Loyalty as Moors must be to each other under The Creed, Love Truth Peace Freedom And Justice.



Peace And Love Family : ),

Lonnie B EL, M. F. A., M.A.,


Managing Director

Moorish Psychology Association


Contributing Writer



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