The Turban

Lecture on the historical, practical, and contemporary uses of The Turban.


The Turban is a symbol of Moor Nobility, Birthright, And Power. The Turban is worn by men and women on the head and/or around the waist, for fashion, or warfare. Around the waist, the Turban is referred to as a Rumel, Sarong, or Sash. On the head or waist, the Turban may be worn with, or without a jewel centered.

The Turban may be used to carrying objects, or to cover for comfort and warmth, such as a hammock, or blanket.

In battle, Turban becomes a weapon, and part of a deadly arsenal. Some Turban ways of the Hashshashyn, known as Assassins, are globally-known. Also in battle, the Turban may dress a wound, or become a sling for arm, or leg. Yet, the Turban/Turbine’s most famous Power is in everything with a fan; e.g., windmills, watermills, airplanes, cars, refrigerators, and computers.



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