Champions in Love Cheating And Fun

A discussion of Love's Thrill in Glory and Agony.


This day, Venus first planet to rise above Earth’s horizon.



Champions in Love Cheating And Fun

So many aspects of Amor/Love to speak of. The first feelings. Heart-race. Wide eyes. A smile we may try to hide. Realizing with a Wow that that one’s different while holding our breath. Panic at the thought of not seeing that one again. Tunnel vision. That’s Love for me at Love’s highest. As well, Love has other aspects. Love is physical and based on touch; hence, the term, Physical Love.

There’s also something called Lust.

Both Love and Lust are powerful motivators to fulfill Desire. The best tool for success is Seduction. Seduction is a power of the wise, patient, and calculated. A Seducer is a Predator, exactly as in Lions versus Wildebeests, or Kongfu fighting. Before attack, the Predator picks his Prey and focuses, on sight, sound, and sent to eventually taste the thrill of Victory.

Several of us have experienced the Agony of Defeat and know another of Love’s aspects, Heartbreak.

Heartbreak hurts, Yes. And heartbreak was ugly, Yes, but what caused it is now over, a door closed, and putting one in place to open any other door, so to speak.

Make heartbreak for you be like Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring. Muhammad Ali felt that he would have never been such a great fighter had he not lost, dropped to rock bottom all-time low, then picked, punched, and danced his way all the way not just back on top, but to higher heights than ever.

Once upon a time, the one I loved cheated on me. I was on a financial high and I shared all the money equally, so so was she. Things seemed perfect. You were dancing, then, bam Joe Frazier whopped you upside yer nugget and you’re like, Oh, Canvas darling. Love can break your heart more than once too. You’re powerful, you decide to fight a skinny man you think is a seven-fight punk, and that punk is Leon Spinks, Leon Spinks kicks your ass, and your ass is kicked Again. Get back up, try another door.

When my heart was broken, the door I tried wasn’t another Love. It was school. Through school, I got to go to school outside the country. Do you know how many damn women are in other countries? You ever been to China? HO LEE COW : )

Now it’s never good to be broke financially and heart-broken. So to ensure that you do not become in such a situation, maybe it’s a good idea to make some money before falling in love. If you do, you have smooth survival from heartbreak insurance in that you can have plenty of fun. The heart repairs, just like a busted lip. Ocean water, warm sunshine, and healthy, mostly nude people walking around are right fine motivators to improve one’s self. Specifically, meaning exercise. Exercise just simply makes you feel better, but in talking about Love, Desire for improvement gets noticed. Notice leads to that first sight, that tunnel vision, Desire to again play a role in Love, as Predator, or as Prey. And go there Again and maybe Beyond.

I Prey that you all Prey well : )

As well, is suggest you have a glass of wine today with someone you love. Wine saves lives, strengthens organs and blood. And you may get a buzz and laugh at something. Laughter is good and healthy too. You may be with your Love, Bey, or Boo, or be heartbroken, but you can have a glass of wine and laugh. Someone cute may like the sound of your laugh and walk over to you and say, “Hey Babe, wanna another?” And you may say, “Yes, Si, Wee,” and/or “Shee shee.” Like that.



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