Moorish Americanish

A lecture on the usage of ish with Moor.


Today Saturn is the first planet to rise above Earth’s horizon.


Moorish Americanish

Ish.    All American Moors should be proud to identify as Moorish American Nationals and not feel that ish diminishes the quality of Moor, because the first usage of ish means Of or belonging to a national group. For examples, British, English, Irish, Polish, Danish, Jewish. In Law, Moorish American is respected and powerful and attaches Indigenous Americans as part and parcel to The Moor Empire, The Moor Nation, Moorocco/America, and to the 1928 Noble Drew Ali-founded American Land Trust, upon which All Moorish Americans may build. As well Ish is a form of I, as Ich from German. In French, Ish is warlike as in demolish and brandish.

Never forget, Moor Culture, Moorish Culture, is a culture of war. I learned this from Bey Masters. No Bey ever told me I had to do anything, including respect. Nevertheless, I looked and respected and continue to, because Moor Culture is the greatest culture Earth has ever known and its foundation is a system of Respect, rewards and consequences, as mothers give cookies, or spank. Respect is The Base of All Solid Relationships. Respect must be based on simplicity, always so simple that even children easily comprehend.



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