Ways of Surviving the Bully

A comical psychological discussion on bullying.

24 Nov 2019


Today Mercury is the first planet to rise over Earth’s horizon.



Ways of Surviving the Bully

Windsday/Friendsday is a New Religion. No, Windsday/Friendsday is an old religion. I like that, because I’m Gemini. Surprise, for those who haven’t guessed. Windsday casts friendly communication energies through us and it is in such nature that I present this article.

Yesterday, my friend, Anthony Ruck, reached out to his friends about psychological issues. Anthony’s in dissertation, about to earn a Ph. D. in Psychology. He’s going to be Dr. Ruck. I’m gonna say, Dr. Ruck, what the… I think that’s what everyone’s going to say. But anyway, yesterday, Anthony asked his friends some serious questions and I clowned. For such and less, other friends would not be my friend anymore. But Anthony and I are better than that. Good thing I’m not clowning again. Anthony brought up bullying. 

I’m going to talk to you, Readers, as if you’re my friends. I kind of bully my friends. I’m fare though. I give you a chance. I ask a question. It’s up to you if you answer correctly, or I get to call you Dummy. You, in turn, may take this and do the same to your friends. I ask you, and I ask you this in the nature of Windsday/Friendsday and the old religion of Mercury involving magic. Have you ever read a spell? How about a spellbook, have you ever read a spell book?

Did you say, Yes? So what. Did you say, No? Then I say, Yes, you have, because I spelled all these words and I bet you read a book before. All books have spelling. All books are spell books. This is a spell-webpage. Now if you’re my friend, you need to sympathize with the bully in me and let me call you Dummy. Then we can move on. If you spell something and someone else reads it, did you cast a spell? Am I getting ready to call you Dummy again?

No, because we are all on different levels of learning. I have a little knowledge and a few skills that I concentrate in one area, Moors, and concerning the topic of Moors, I’m exceedingly thrilled to be writing this article for Everyone.

As a youth and as an adult, I felt a need to embrace the bully in me and through Kongfu, I did. Trying to get the bully to stop bullying is like giving slow-me-down drugs to a four year-old for tantrums. The bully is going to bully, because he can. Here’s the harsh reality and most logical solution, at least from my decided psychology and my side of the tracks. First possible solution. You have to hit the bully in the head, or the nuts, or stand toe to toe and threaten to.

A second solution is you want to be a comedian, because you have to make the bully laugh so he don’t whop yer ass. Now see, quit a few got me with this one. You can’t beat up the comedian. And if you protect the comedian, he’ll say anything about anybody, have you rolling on the floor gut-laughing all day. Oh, boy. This is a good solution for those who want to be comedians and are serious about practice.

We are not going to talk about pleading, cowering, or running as anti-bully solutions other than to say, Don’t run. He’s a jock, he’s gonna catch you, so you’re left with pleading and cowering. He’s just gonna punch you to hear you plead some more, or until you punch back.

A Third Solution is to become the bully. If you bully the bully, he’s not bullying anyone anymore. You can save your friends. But you’re the bully now. And now you just want to show your friends that they too can be tough, so you start punching and punching them. The say, Stop, Don’t, and Quite, but you keep punching back looking for who’s going to punch back, or become a comedian, or a runner, then a pleader.

A bully watches others at their mental limits and breaking-point, places the bully has never been. The bully needs an outlet that will take him/her to such places. I say, Teach the bully to fight through Kongfu, or boxing, or wrestling and the bully will learn respect. Of course the bully becomes stronger, faster, and more adept at harming, yet, the idea is that by then, the bully is at peace with self and with peers, seniors, and juniors in a protected chain of respect and will respect all others.

A bully is a warrior. Bullying is war spirit, even if the bullying is by wits, simply because of the natures of daring and willingness to enter competition. In Moor culture all learn to fight, which is necessary for protection as well as channeling aggression in uplifting ways. A bully will not bully a weaker brother fighter, because they all fight for one cause. When the cause is The Moor Nation, I think bullying stops.

And I want to close this column with an open invitation to Anthony for his personal views on and role in bullying.

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