What is Chess?

Moors in Chess and a call that Chess should be in Moors

What is Chess?

Chess is a party attended by everyone, young, old, and physically challenged, having a great time silently socializing without drugs or alcohol.

Chess began with Moors and spread to the world’s cultured people as a game of sophistication and a means to foster friendships.

I love Chess. Yet, if a chess tournament is a dance floor, some may dance better only because they have the unfair advantage of education. Moors may salute the Moor, Grandmaster Maurice Ashely, for his work in Harlem and globally for chess; yet, specifically in education for those chess players able to touch the Harlem Community. GM Maurice Ashley held the first Guaranteed Million-Dollar Chess Tournament, for which I salute you, Brother Maurice Ashley. ¡Saludos, Hermano!

What had taken me years to gain, a young man I’ll call Bob absorbed in 12 weeks. Is Bob talented? Is Bob a genius? Maybe. Could you, or I within 12 weeks, have absorbed what took another years to learn? I think so. I was given bits and pieces of education over years. I can give it all in 12 weeks.

The mental processes of chess skills may be applied to other aspects of life such as succeeding in education, business, social relations, and actual combat, for examples. Chess is a game that develops the mind through planning and courage in following through with a plan. I think it takes courage just to decide to sit for lessons.

My Message to you, play chess and strive to kick ass. Off the chess board, you do best to kick your own ass over and over again to learn and sacrifice whatever success demands. Mostly, that means your time and focus.



Shout out in Love Truth Peace Freedom And Justice to The Allen Family and all Friends of National Master David Allen Senior, definitely the strongest among small circle of experts and masters.


Chess History from a Moor’s Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FvIFyJ4AOglist=PLXxaiGoThn-c_ir4SJ1AS9mOF7GJuCkuqindex=5

Further Instruction on Chess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpsWUslU9awlist=PLXxaiGoThn-cx-F5o32A8g67_Dhi4Crdsindex=4

Learn about the American Hikaru Nakamura in chess.

Shout out in Love Truth Peace Freedom And Justice to the Family of the Moor, International Master Emory Tate.

Learn Tanitoluwa Adewumi the 8-year-old Moor boy who won a New York Championship and is playing on a master level. He was homeless. How did he turn that into something good for him and his family? He had nothing to do, but study chess. Media calls him Tani: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/18/homeless-boy-nigerian-refugee-wins-new-york-state-chess-championship/3199959002/



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