Stop Calling Agents

An argument that one should not call “Agent” without proof.

Saturday/Saturnday/Schoolmasterday, Capricorn 14th, 1490 Moor Calendar (January 4th, 2020 Christian Calendar)


Stop Calling Agents

This is my fair response and follow-up to a youtube post concerning some commenters referring to Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey as Agent:

My Response: Let's see if we are to comprehend your message correctly. Jose Pimienta Bey does not look like you and if a teacher doesn't look like you, s/he is an agent? Which logic would follow that if one does look like you, then one is your friend, or no? If no, then you have enemies all over, huh? Yet, not many friends. If anyone is accused of being an agent, fine. But proof must be shown is my argument, because anything else seems pointless. If you're an American Moor, Moor American, Moorish American, which ever you may call yourself, then you know something about Law, and in Law, an accusation without proof cannot be heard, because it is dead. We should conduct ourselves no different than to the letter of Law. I love you, my Brother : ) and I appreciate and applaud your willingness to engage : ) Peace

My Follow-up: We have to look at why one is calling another, “Agent.” Probably because The Accuser cares that a Teacher is harming us and the Accuser wants the teacher removed. Yet, if the Accuser has no proof to remove the teacher, then who is the real Agent likely to be?

Furthermore, is a teacher an agent, because s/he teaches something false? Maybe, but not necessarily. Sometimes one makes a mistake, or two. Have you ever heard of revisions, or revised editions? Those exist, because the first had mistakes. Teachers, writers, and speakers make mistakes, like ball-players drop balls. If it’s your team, do you switch teams, because a player dropped a ball? Probably not. Even The Bibles versions have revisions. If we can’t tolerate mistakes and give each other a chance to correct them, we’re doomed. If everyone who makes a mistake is an agent, we’re all agents. Prophet Noble Drew Ali would be an agent. Prophet Mohammed would be an Agent. Jesus would be an agent, and yo momma would be an agent.

(Jesus would be an agent, and yo momma would be an agent)

My point is that some have been taught by straight up enemy agents, and/or an unknowing minion of an enemy agent, then without investigating, go forth in the world to unknowingly mislead others. If I can figure out who is doing right, then I feel comfortable learning form him/her. This man’s point is that he refuses to learn from anyone, who doesn’t look like him. I gather to persuade others to think like him, he offered a link to an hour and a half-long video, complicating the goal of Unity.

Such is definitely not the position of The Moorish Science Temple Of America as evidenced by teachers such as Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey and Geny Moreno Salamat. I haven’t reviewed their programs, so I can’t tell you if they are all on point, or not, so I can’t recommend them. However, I see this at, working Moors, who seem to mean well and are willing to talk, which is one step closer to Unity.


For clarity on Unity, I suggest this Episode of “LONNIE’S SHOW”:



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