Moors in Outer Space, a response to “The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien, A Call To Action,” by Richard Smith

Practicality of and ramifications of identifying with aliens over Indigenes.

Tuesday/Marsday/Warday Mc 1439


Moors in Outer Space, a response to The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien, A Call To Action, by Richard Smith

 “The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien, A Call To Action,” by Richard Smith, argues that Moors are originally from outer space. I don’t care how cool it makes one feel to say that s/he is originally from Mars, for example, because if one claims to be originally from anywhere other than Earth, one gives up land-claims. Indigenous Moor eyes are looking to regain land, not outer space, angels, or aliens. Smith’s book is confusion itself, detrimental, and distracts from the one simple fact that we need to know in order to solve our financial woes, which is Blood attaches to Land.

Through DNA, we now know for sure that Moorish American Blood, so called Blood of the Negros, Coloreds, Afro Americans, African Americans, and Blacks born in America are Indigenous to America. Richard Smith’s book is of course fiction, yet, so dangerous as to help fuel the already confused. Smith’s book diverts to the mystic, offering fake puzzle pieces that are a waste of real money.

Moorish Americans number one goal is to reclaim land. In short, America is ours and we want that known. Therefore, to say the least, this book is not appealing to Indigenous Moors with simple answers and a simple goal.

Some self-proclaimed and unlawfully-proclaimed Moors may be content to wait for outerspace buffets of milk, honey, and virgins for all, but if you’re like me, you just want your damn land back. In fact, you demand it. Besides, is Smith a Moor? It’s High-Time Moors define Moors.

Along the topic of simplicity, I recommend this:


Note to the above Mc 1439: The True New Year, The Universal New Year, is Aries 1st, which does not happen until March 20th in the Christian calendar; therefore, the Moor Calendar Year is still 1439.


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