Our Father, Lonnie 1st, Who Art In Heaven Maybe

Biography of A Country and Western music pioneer.

Our Father, Lonnie 1st, Who Art In Heaven Maybe

Recently the final person asked, “What happened with your father?” The following is my reply. This is dedicated to Lonnie 1st. 

Thanks for asking about our Dad. I don’t know how far you two go back. However, I’ll give you a quick rundown. In the 1950s and early 60s, Dad played rock-n-roll for a living in a multi-state circuit. In the mid 60’s, Dad switched to playing country and western, because there was more money involved. He played in a circuit from Las Vegas, Nevada to Tennessee that went north and looped around to Colorado. I wasn’t around for the rock-n-roll times. Footage and stories looked and sounded like some good times. But throughout the mid 70s to the mid 80s, Dad was known as “The Charley Pride of New Mexico,” and sometimes, I traveled him. He managed the bands, did all administrative work, was the lead singer and played drums. Starting when I was seven years old, I used to have to go to bed at 7 PM, so that by midnight, I could be at the club with Dad.

Those were some particularly fun days. Semi-wild times that every boy wants to have with their father. Me and Dad had babes. You feel me? I know you do. Dad simply gave all that up, studied a bit to earn a minimal degree and worked a regular 9-5 job long enough to retire. Then He bought a house, got another job, worked that until he retired, then got another job. He stopped drinking about totally.

Dad kept telling dirty jokes, married, had three children. Loved to gamble on just about anything. He won second place in a Texas State Championship Billiards tournament. He got into plenty of fist and knife-fights. He gave beatings and didn’t mind taking one, and a couple times He did. One time pretty bad. Sometimes only Dad knew how bad He was hurt and just turned out to be a bit tougher than whatever he faced. He got in this one bar fight with him and a pool cue against three men and a knife. He got the knife away fast and made flawless-seeming work, but He told me, “Yeah, but that one some-bitch hit me like that and like to knock me out.” Dad wasn’t a braggart, always respectful, and never started a fight.

Dad had plenty of fun. Dad taught us to shave, drive, and that it’s all right to have fun, even you crash the car, as long as you’re all right. Among us we crashed three of Dad’s cars. He never said a thing. Just fixed the cars. Dad was loved his family,” remembers little brother, Jason. Dad tossed the old pigskin with neighborhood boys and cemented a basketball hoop for Jason, who became really good at basketball, schooled several here in Cleveland, Ohio.

But Dad smoked cigarettes the entire time. He got warnings and just would not quite. He told me He’s had so much fun in life that nothing really mattered anymore and His plan was just to ride His body until it knocked out and it did. Cancer was the konker. I had shown the package and repeated to Him where it reads, “This causes cancer,” and Dad said,


Dad’s remains are in The Republic of Texas.

The best thing I see about Our Father’s life is that every day of His life, He was never without the love of Family and at least one woman, who loved Him with all of her heart and might.


The one who posed the question that kicked off this article posted one of Dad’s old recordings here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbAHIm5wvuElc=z22jgdmpkwjmdh0fiacdp43245s1la5zoxp2mx1ddh1w03c010c.1578448278560055



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