Cain's Confused Sonnets

This is a national winning poem exploring perceptions of good and evil.

Friday/Venusday/Loveday, 20th Day of Capricorn, 1490 Mc

An excerpt from “The Book Of Moor Poetry,” by Lonnie Bray EL, with my permission.



Cain's Confused Sonnets

There was Adam and Eve and I am Cain

Though my offering deed was not in vain,

I was not to blame, nor was I insane

Yet, never will there be one quite the same

I was the first born and that should suffice

Then Abel gained favor with blood sacrifice

Cunning and sneaking and wielding a knife

Abel was the first human to take a life

I gave vegetables and things of the field

Soft animals Abel butchered and killed

to satisfy God’s thirst for blood to spill

Then along came a friend whose name is Sin


And said, “Cain lift your chin, I will teach you the win”

Sin became my friend, taught me to play, like Jinn.


Though not even Sin knew the evil of men

Two doctrines to blend and I Adam’s kin

What I did to my twin made God’s head spin

So since God likes blood and I’m in mock,

over my brother’s head, I dropped a big rock

God didn’t like the thing that I did

But I only did the thing that He bid

A mark on my head, I was kicked from the lands

Why didn’t God like the fresh red on my hands?

My punishment was more than I could stand

God is a most confusing man

This was before the commandments of ten,


so why didn’t I get a break, God’s rules to bend?

God’s club did not favor my sin


Yet, for it, Sin’s club let me in

Like too much wine, I could not unwind

We Three and Evil’s root a mystery

Cain’s pain, the sin of Jinn, and God’s façade

I never could figure, so I went to Nod

Now I’m sinister and the minister of such

God taught me the blood and Sin the touch

God saw who I was and what I’d do

Afterall, He created me, He knew

How could I hide the joy of my pride,

when all of Peace would kneel at my stride?

God gave me the horse and Sin the ride


That’s when the theories began to collide

As I learned, even Great Sin called me Mad,


Ran from me, called me Terrible and Bad

To my friend, Sin, I did give what I had

Yet, I Am—I Am born of my dad

The favor of God I could have had,

So when Brimstone and Hell saw me coming,

Why were they not fired up and glad?

I climbed to the top saying, “Sin, lets play”

Sin said, “Get away from me and stay”

“Why?” said I, with blood on my hands

“Because you are a terrible and evil man

“But it was me who these things you taught”

“Yes, but you are more sinister than I thought”


What greatness God and Sin’s spell,

Alone and abandoned from sea and from shell.


I learned many secrets but never did I tell

I was so wicked, I was even cast from Hell

I, being despised, happy to run amuck

taught the tree how to kill the Woodchuck

Like Abel’s, many lives I ended abrupt

And all along, God knew my soul was corrupt

I stomped the Red Robin and tortured the Blue Jay

Though I knew not the path when things were gray,

It wouldn’t have mattered if Sin taught me to prey,

I would have surely killed Abel anyway

The nature of my deed is inherent in human creed

What natures did I breed—Hatred, jealousy, greed


I couldn’t help it, I am my father’s seed,

And for blood, Great Father does have need,

So to Hell with Heaven and its heavenly glare,

To Hell with my father and his fatherly stare,

To Hell with that garden and what else was there,

To Hell with the animals, I pulled out their hair,

My brother was able and I called insane,

but Mother birthed us both in agony and pain,

so whenever you gather in places

where The One God All Mighty reigns,


Remember some of you descend from Abel,

And the rest of you descend from Cain.



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