Lonnie’s Three Lessons

A poem linking Moors and Saxons by war culture.

This is an excerpt from “The Book Of Moor Poetry,” by Lonnie Bray EL, with my permission, and Dedicated to our father, Lonnie, who for sure either is, or is not in Heaven.



Lonnie’s Three Lessons

I have knelt before my father and said,

“Father forgive me for I have sinned,”

and Father laughed and probably will again

Because I still say it


I have knelt before the Holy Temple Of Woman

On whom I’ve preyed and given all I have

and Woman turns the other cheek, but doesn’t laugh

And I still do it


I have felt the pleasure and peace of struggling bones

that New Soldiers know as The Saxon Pact

If a Man Can’t Take Vengeance, He’s Not a Man In Fact

because who wouldn’t?


More or less, who should think less

Shouldn’t be a Moor, or the rest.



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