The D2R Mercenaries

How can you keep your mercenaries alive D2 Resurrected: Best weapons, armor, and helms


Mercenaries are reliable friends in your quest to stop the evil of Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are able to help with injuries and are often able to take some adversity from monsters. In Diablo 2, the Act 2 Mercenaries are the most popularbecause they trigger one of Paladin's auras.

However, mercenaries who're not properly trained could be a waste of money as they wouldn't be able to withstand the attacks from monsters, even they are fed potion after potion by using the key combination Shift+number. The more advanced the level, the more expensive the price for revival. To protect your funds it is important to invest decent items for your mercenaries. You should also determine which equipment is suitable for them. Below are some products that are great for your acting 2 mercenaries.

Best weapons and runewords for Mercs in D2 Resurrected

The following weapons are among the four that are most commonly employed by Act 2 mercenaries. The Runeword item, Insight, Infinity, Pride and the unique weapon, The Reaper's toll. Between these items, Infinity and Pride require expensive runes therefore it's not easy to utilize them in the early. As the things that mercenaries utilize do not wear out and are ethereal, they're the best choice to them.

Insight can be made by putting Ral+Tir+Tal+Sol into staves or polearms. The ingredients needed for this recipe are relatively easy to gather, which means you'll be able to create these fairly early. The Meditation Aura is an excellent assistance for characters that require the most mana. The level requirement is minimal, so if you find a four-socket polearm, make one to put on your mercenary until a more powerful item becomes available.

Infinity gives the Conviction Aura which decreases enemies' basic resistance as well as defense. Particularly, it reduces the enemy's Lightning Resist. As a result, Chain Lightning Sorceresses often apply it to their mercenaries. The runes needed for Infinity are quite large, since you'll need Ber+Mal+Ber+Ist so when you make it, it is important to build it with the highest possible equipment. Most players prefer to use Great Poleaxe and Giant Thresher with their fast attack speeds.

Pride is a runeword that is good for the character mercenaries who deal physical damage. It triggers a 16-20-level concentration aura, which means that the damage increases a lot. But, unlike Insight or Infinity the latter doesn't offer an increased damage option, and it feels like something's missing. The runes required for Pride are Cham+Sur+Io+Lo.

One of the most unique items is The Reaper's Toll is an excellent. When it is attacked, it will cast Decripify on the enemy, and it can decrease enemies' defense. It has enhanced damage as well as ignore target defense deathly strike , and more which means that the damage dealt by the mercenaries is pretty good. It's great to make a physical damage character.

The best helms for mercs to use in D2: Resurrected

The most crucial option for mercenaries at their helms is to have life steal. It is crucial to have sufficient life steal on your mercenaries to ensure they remain alive. This property is difficult to obtain in the normal weapons or body armor, so we need it on their helms. It's even better when you find one that has stats and resistances as well. There aren't many Runeword helmsavailable, and none of them have live steals, it's recommended to go with unique items. Also, because its durability doesn't decrease, ethereal items are the best.

The most popular helm used by the market is Andariel's Visage. Its defense stats are great as it offers 20 percent attack speed, ten life steal 25, 30 strength, and the ability to increase your skills by 2. It also reduces fire resist by 30% therefore, people build sockets to place a Ral rune to protect against this.

In addition, Vampire's Gaze or Crown of Thieves can be used as well. Set item Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest is also a fantastic choice. Vampire's Gaze has 6-8% life steal and the option of reducing damage in addition, Crown of Thieves has 9-12% life steal, +25 dexterity and 33% fire resist. Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest has 10% life steal, +60 life and +15 all resistance. If you don't have such items Undead Crown or Stealskull would be great alternatives.

Best armor for mercs for D2 Resurrected

There are a few more choices for your mercenary's armor in comparison to helms or weapons. Most of the time, Runeword items are preferred when you come across an uncommon and unique armor that is ethereal that you like, think about upgrading it to high-end.

The best body armor for your mercenary is the Runeword item Fortitude No questions asked. Damage means more steal, so it can make your mercenary more resilient by a big margin. In addition, you can use Chilling Armor effect gives an additional level of defense, and it also has 25-30 all resistance. Find a 4-socket elite ethereal armor with a high defense and add El+Sol+Dol+Lo to make it.

When you're working on your mercenary skills, other suitable Runeword body armors that you can use are Smoke, Treachery, and Stone. One of the runewords for Smoke is Nef+Lum. It's got a +50 resist feature, meaning it has the potential to gain a significant amount to resist Hell. In Treachery (Shael+Thul+Lem) It has an increased attack speed option, and 20 percent faster hit recovery choice. It might not seem like sufficient however the Fade effect is extremely useful. To create Stone requires a 4 socket body armor and Shael+Um+Pul+Lum runes. It has a 250-290% enhanced defense option that means you'll get an armor that is extremely defense. The +300 defense vs. missile +16 strength, +15 all resist options are extremely useful and also.

Of the rare items, The Gladiator's Bane, Duriel's Shell, and Shaftstop are all good. Even though these Runeword items are more effective and powerful, if you get the items listed above in shape of an ethereal version, it'll help you quite a bit.

It's the Gladiator's Bane has faster hit recovery, damage reduction, cannot be frozenand has has poison length-reduced options. The Duriel's Shell has strength and all resists, and on Shaftstop, there's life and damage reduction. In Duriel's case, the Shell and Shaftstop are top-of-the-line items, so it's mostly used upgraded to elite by putting them inside the Horadric Cube along with Ko Rune in addition to Lem Rune.

They are Rogue Scouts are mercenaries with bows that are able to help and assist with artillery while you fight in the front line. They are available to hire at in the Rogue Encampment if you go and speak to Kashya and finish the Blood Raven quest for her. Rogue Scout mercenaries aren't very adept in combat and may be killed quickly if they are exposed to lots of danger. Therefore, they will only be useful if they stay behind at an appropriate distance and use the Inner Sight Amazon skill, which reduces the defensive capabilities of an opponent.

You can get to hire the Desert Mercenaries by talking to Greiz over at Lut Gholein. The mercenary class is specialized in spear attacks and is a very popular choice among players. They are available with a bunch of different aura options depending on the job you intend to use them for and the difficulty the game is. The Desert Mercenaries are able to be outfitted with javelins or Spears because they are a melee-focused class.

The Iron Wolves is the single mercenaries with magic abilities in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are available for hire on the Kurast Docks if you talk to Asheara there. They are Iron Wolves specialize in elemental damage such as Fire, Lightning and Cold targeted attacks. They are able to defend with a high rating because of the shields and stay at a distance for support, much like Rogue mercs. The damage suffered by all kinds of elements is similar, but the main differences lie in the effects caused by each elemental type.

Finish the Rescue the Barbarian's quest before heading to Harrogath and talk to Qual-Kehk about recruiting the Barbarian mercenaries from D2 Resurrected. The barbarian mercs can be equipped with only a single sword and class-specific helms. They are specialized in frontline combat with their Stun and Bash abilities. Barbarians are tough and are a good choice when you want to provide your character with vital support in frontline battles.