Tell One’s Love, You can’t have any Sex

A logical argument for having sex outside of relationship

Thursday/Jupiterday/Big Thursday, The Fourth Day of Aquarius, 1489 Mc



Tell One’s Love, You can’t have any Sex

I am my measuring rod for relationship fidelity. One may say I cheated, but I Call Tech. That means a Permissible Action by Technicality.

From what I’ve gathered, being a disciple of Kongfu, being loyal is easier for me than it is for several others, because I can control my mind. I don’t have to resist urges. I ponder things before they happen, take the energies in and deal with them in my imagination.

And my brain develops as tell I it too, because the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.

Images in my head reinforce my behavior to who I’m supposed to Love and touch like a man touches a woman and woman touches a man, and the programmed response, “No,” to all others.

Yet, when once upon a time, a woman or two of mine said to me, “Then you can’t have any sex,” that’s when I called Tech with, “No, no, that just means you can’t have any sex.”

I know I started this article with love and moved to with sex, but sometimes one comes with the other, right? Yes, and we need it. To deny sex to one’s love is evil.

I was married to a Christian woman. She wouldn’t obey, or nothing and she swore to. She wouldn’t even go get me a glass of water. I thought, Shiiit, I could just rape you and no one could do anything about it, because that’s the Law. A wife can’t be raped by a husband. She has to give it up. That’s what the law and her GOD ALL MIGHTY says, so if she wasn’t gonna follow the Law, me, or her GOD, I’m gonna go get me some love from a godly woman who follows The Rules, or simply a loving woman, who follows The Rules.

When I was a young man, I used to holler at my tiny woman, but she was wiser than me. She’d listen to all my crap and wait for me to lay down and sleep. Then she’d scoot herself into me and wiggle till I acted right. I was angry with her. I had some issue, but Love is Power. Don’t give it up, but give it up. Get it? I know you do, or for balance, you better.



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