Does Black History Begin with Slavery?

Analyzing the origins of Black History

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Does Black History Begin with Slavery?

In the United States-controlled portion of North America, the month of February is designated as Black History Month, a time when Black people's history his recognized and in ways celebrated.

Some controversial topics to consider are, Does Black History begin with slavery in North America? And Which historical figures should be included an excluded in Black History Month? For examples, teaching that Black heroes are Harriet Tubman, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Nat Turner, give Black people the idea that black heroes are runaway slaves and the best a Black may aspire to is a runaway slave. 

Even when topics are the lives and works of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X, and the first Black US President, Barrack Obama Il, none have, or had platforms to regain the lost nationalities of the former slaves.


I agree that Black History begins with slavery, because slavery is when black people were created on paper. Later came the capitol B to Black for people, who became so out of touch with black’s connotation to slavery. That they’ve become conditioned to being proud to not have a nationality and be unknown, unclaimed, and unproclaimed. Black. Before slavery, there were no peoples identified as Black. Black History begins with black and black, as a people identifier, begins with slavery. Prior to slavery, all those everyone identified blacks and Indians as Moors. Moors just forgot. Black History Month is a celebration of slavery. Moors, wake and proclaim your nationality as Moors.




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