Asiatic Moor

Questions need for more than Moor in Ancestry in Law and Census.

Asiatic Moor

15th Day of Aries, 1440 Mc/April 5th, 2020 Cc


In dealing with law head-on, fighting for my life, and not speculating on theory from a distance, I know first-hand the power of simplicity and the dangers of too much. Too much offers multiple points of attack, which means the need for multiple defenses.

Recently, the question has been asked, Are there Asiatics other than Moors? The reply was, No, there are no Asiatics other than Moors. Since there are no Asiatics other than Moors, the descriptive, Asiatic, has to be unnecessary. To describe ancestry in law, we do not need too much. We just need Moor, which is simple.

On the US Census, adding more than one response to “Ancestry” means that one will not be recognized as either. Instead, one will default into the category, “Multiple Black or African American Responses,” and one will not add to the strength of any people.

If you are Moor, I encourage you to choose Moor. That way you add to the strength of your people. In the meantime, do yourself a favor, call Bull S--- on me, go look at the US Race Codes for yourself at:

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