How to set ringtone for mobile phone

Almost all cell phones come with a built-in feature called Ringtones. These ringtones allow you to personalize your phone and have different themes for text message alerts and in-call tones


You can also purchase your own if you wish. There are many web sites that offer ringtones and there are options for almost any type of cell phone. You can also download a personalised mp3 version of your favorite cd or song.

The first step in adding klingelton kostenlos to your cell phone is to find one you like. There are dozens of websites that sell ringtones, and some will even charge you a fee to license them. Some ringtones are free, however. Many of these sites use music that has been released in the public domain or whose copyrights have expired. This way, you can download them to your phone via the airwaves.

Most of these sites work in a similar way. You simply type in the song name or sound type, and then click on the'search' button. A list of matching ringtones will appear. Most websites also include a ranking system. You can also find a list of the most popular ringtones. When you've found a RINGTONE that you like, double-click it to save it to your desktop or downloads folder.