MP Luke Evans introduces digitally-altered images bill

MP Luke Evans introduces digitally-altered images bill



An MP has introduced a bill in Parliament calling for advisory labels on images where influencers have digitally altered their bodies.

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Dr Luke Evans, the Conservative MP for Bosworth, in Leicestershire, introduced his Digitally Altered Body Images bill on Wednesday.

He said influencers would need to be "honest and upfront" about photo edits.

Dr Evans said people were "caught up in the arms race for the perfect selfie", which was impacting mental health.

The Conservative MP told the Commons: "If someone has been paid to post a picture on social media which they have edited, or advertisers, broadcasters or publishers are making money from an edited photograph, they should be honest and upfront about it.

"This isn't about stopping you touching up your wedding photos or removing red eye on a post, it is targeted at those with significant, far-reaching influence and those with commercial intent."

The GP said the bill, which was introduced as a Ten Minute Rule Motion, was not an example of the "nanny state" in action.

He compared his proposals to similar existing advertising regulations, including a P logo displayed when paid promotions are included in television programming, and the "not actual game footage" disclaimer in videogame adverts.