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How Can I Support

Thank you for your interest and participation in We need your continued support while we grow our membership numbers and user activity. Once we have the force behind the Power of MA, we can then go to other Asiatic & Moslem Owned Businesses to sell Advertising Packages.

We do not use Google Ads or other Ad Serving Platforms here as we promote Cooperative Economics to our people in effort to build and cultivate sustained growth and development as a Nation of Autonomous Self Governing People! So of course I cannot do this alone. There are many ways you can support.

Types Of Support

General Support

The General Support for those of us that know it takes finance to uplift a Nation. It is not meant to hurt anyone's pockets. Just a few dollars a month from a large number of people is called Crowd Funding. It is used to pay administrative bills such as Web Maintenance, Research & Development, etc.

Mobile App Launch

The Mobile App Launch Support is set up to collect the finance needed to place our mobile apps on the ANDROID & APPLE Stores. This will definitely help everyone as we will raise the amounts everyone makes for their activity on