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www.Moorish-American.com is an online social media network for the original peoples of the earth. Whether you identify as Black, Colored, African American, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Saudi, Pakistani, Nigerian, Puerto Rican, Pacific Islander, Moor, Moorish-American, Asiatic, etc., this site is for you! Members of this online community believe in one simple truth. That is our peoples condition can improve and the answer is a Socioeconomic one. One way we help to generate finance in our members pockets is to pay them to use this site. Every time you Like, Comment, Share, Post, or refer someone, you will earn points. Those points can be used on the site or you can request a cash withdrawal via Check, Paypal or CashApp. All we ask is that you give this site as much attention that you do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This site is built and maintained by Moorish-Americans Tried & True.

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Moorish-American.com is a Moorish-American owned & operated online social media networking site that is 100% Safe from unethical data mining practices. We are dedicated to keeping your communications and content safe and secure.

This website is FREE to join and use at your leisure. We encourage members to remain in honor and display good character and sound mind. This is a safe environment for adults to network business and social opportunities as well as an environment conducive to sustained cooperative economics. Members can upload items for sale in the Bazaar (Market) where other members can see them and purchase directly from the member that is selling. No middleman.

You do not have to be a member of the Moorish-Science Temple of America to be a member of this site. You will earn money for every Like, Comment, Post, Share, and Referral. Be sure to check out all the sites functionality. You will be amazed! If you would like to support this site, upgrade your membership to a Pro Level.